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Due to the recent effects of COVID-19, there have been several changes made on campus and in our department to ensure the safety of all students and their loved ones. Theatre is a social activity, often requiring participants to communicate and work in-person and sometimes involving person-to-person contact. Obviously, we needed to make some changes to the way we do things, so this page is devoted to the most updated guidelines for participants, parents, and students to follow. 



  • Students will sanitize from the sanitization station before they enter the space.

  • Students will take a wipe with them to sanitize there area after use.

  • All belongings will remain with the student in their assigned area.

  • Students will wear a mask at all times.  

  • Students will adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.

  • All papers, materials, props, projects, etc. will be handled and sanitized by the students themselves. Any class materials that need to be passed out to students will be pre-prepared with gloves and placed in their assigned seats.​

  • Students should be directed to maintain a safe social distance and wear facial coverings for scenes and group work. 

  • Students should not leave their work areas to retrieve materials and supplies from another part of the room. 

  • Scripts and other shared materials will not be shared until further notice.

  • Department dressing rooms (both in the classroom and backstage) will be off-limits and locked until performances. 

  • Students will be required to eat in PHS approved dining areas.  There will be no eating breakfast or lunch in the classroom or the BlackBox.  


  • Students must maintain social distance, and wear a face-covering at all times. 

  • Students who have come in contact with the virus will not be permitted on campus or in rehearsal until given proper approval by administration. 

  • Virtual learners who participate in morning extracurricular activities will be dismissed early by 15 minutes before the beginning of the instructional day.

  • Virtual learners who participate in afternoon extracurricular activities are not allowed on campus until 15 minutes after then end of the instructional day.​

  • Department dressing rooms (both in the classroom and backstage) will be off-limits and locked until performances. 

  • Snacks or food may be eaten in a designated area and disposed of by students themselves.

  • All props, tools, set pieces, as well as lighting and sound equipment, must be disinfected after use.

  • In performance, actors will abide by specific protocols given to safely protect the company and the audience.  


  • All company and audience members will have their temperature checked before entering the building by a staff or volunteer member. Anyone with a fever or showing symptoms will not be permitted to attend performances and will be asked to leave and seek treatment immediately.

  • Each performance will have a limit on the number of tickets being sold to promote proper social distancing. We have planned for more performances or a virtual option of each production this year to accommodate this change. 

  • We are working to provide live/recorded versions of each performance to be sold at the same price as tickets.

  • Seats will be taped and restricted to allow for proper social distancing between audience members.

  • As of now, we are only allowed to sell concessions that are pre-packaged.

  • Tickets may be purchased with cash or credit/debit card. We ask that you purchase your tickets ahead of time at our online shop so you can secure a seat and so we can limit shared contact.

  • Performances will run 90 minutes or less without intermission to limit the possible spread of germs.

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