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Important Thespian Convention Information

On November 15th-18th the PTC will travel to the Texas Thespian Convention.  We will travel to the Gaylord (in Dallas) on a charter bus with Katy HS Theatre.  The cost of the trip will be $550, which covers transportation, hotel, competition entry fee, and snacks. You will pay your $100 deposit when you complete the registration form.  All following payments will be made on the website shop here.

To view the Texas Thespian Website with explanations of events click here.​


Below are the competition events -  

National Acting Qualifying Events

  • Monologue

  • Duet Acting

  • Group Acting

  • Solo Musical

  • Duet Musical

  • Group Musical

  • Short Film

National Technical Qualifying Events

  • Costume Construction

  • Costume Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Scenic Design

  • Sound Design

  • Stage Management

  • Theatre Marketing

  • Playworks

  • Musicalworks

Texas Events

  • Dance

  • Improv Challenge

  • Tech Challenge

  • Tech Team Hair and Makeup

  • Tech Team Mask Making

  • Tech Team Set Design

  • Festivals Got Talent

Conduct Policy for the Festival

Texas Thespians have hired security onsite to serve along with our teachers and administrative representatives from schools and districts attending our festival.  Please understand that we take your safety and security very seriously and violations will be dealt with by the Festival Security Team. 

A delegate who violates the Festival Rules will have to deal with the consequences of his/her behavior, and in some instances, will be sent home from festival. If sent home, transportation/cost is the responsibility of the delegate (or their parent/guardian) and no refund will be provided for the missed portion of the festival.

Violations are divided into three categories:
Minor Infractions
Major Infractions
Immediate Removal from the Festival

Additional Conduct Policy details can be found on the Registration form.

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